let's mogo!

We are one of the original gourmet food trucks that started in Northern California. Born and Raised in the Silicon Valley area, we are truly a start-up company that has created our own food, culture and following. With over 22 THOUSAND Facebook fans and over 17 THOUSAND Twitter fans…we rely completely on our FANS and Social Media to bring MOGO to the bay area.

​A Korean-Mexican fusion concept where the Mexican burrito/taco/quesadilla meets the Korean Short-rib/spicy pork/kimchi fried rice, all of our recipes have all been created in-house. Our name “Mogo” translates into the Korean word “to eat”. We love FOOD and We love PEOPLE…so that’s what we are about…breaking bread with the people we love.

Every year we are looking to take MOGO to another level and expand our territory in who we are and what we do. The 3 pillars of MOGO are Love, Community & Contribution and we look forward to partnering with folks this year to make some NOISE and CREATE SOME FABULOUS !

​We are big on TEAMWORK and know that every amazing thing that has ever transpired has been through TEAMS of people. And this is where we truly salute and raise up our FREAKEN AMAZING STAFF that makes the impossible happen every day. We are looking for Dynamic individuals to join our MoGo Family!

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